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Your future is our focus.

The cloud is crucial to your success. Businesses are investing more than ever in cloud-based systems to differentiate, deliver and grow their services.

While the cloud promises enormous opportunities, it also presents real challenges. To succeed, your business needs more than just support.

Cloud is today’s business imperative.

Cloud services, redefined

CloudTeam combines managed services, professional services and strategy into one seamless end-to-end partnership – so your business can evolve in the cloud.

We work hand-in-hand with your teams to assess your requirements and backlogs, delivering your priorities across areas like:

  •           ⬩ Secure and compliant operations
  •           ⬩ Cost optimisation
  •           ⬩ Cloud migration
  •           ⬩ Application modernisation

With a dedicated team of Itoc Cloud Professionals (your CloudTeam pod), we scale on demand as your needs change.

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Solving your biggest cloud challenges

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Beat the skills shortage

Our cloud engineers, architects and service delivery experts are your dedicated specialists. Talent is scarce, but CloudTeam reduces the pressure of maintaining continuity in your tech teams.

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Adapt to deliver on every project

Goal posts move – that’s just a fact. You deserve a cloud partner who is responsive and can help navigate these challenges. CloudTeam scales your commitment up and down as you need.


Ensure security and compliance

It’s easy to get caught out with constant regulatory and compliance changes, AWS updates, disparate systems and manual processes. Let CloudTeam do the heavy lifting to keep you secure and up to date.

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Evolve to ‘cloud native’

Leverage all the benefits of a modern cloud environment. CloudTeam minimises downtime and can execute updates quickly, to meet changing customer or client demands.

Cloud Computing

Outmanoeuvre the competition

Take the complexity and guesswork out of keeping up with the latest developments. CloudTeam helps you define your strategic roadmap and build a project pipeline with industry-winning opportunities.

Focus on your core business

Focus on your core business

We align with your processes to ensure that our teams operate as one. Our experts handle security, patching, maintenance and events to best practice standards – freeing up your internal resources.

Our Approach

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Drive outcomes with a proactive, strategic and flexible partnership.

Your CloudTeam partnership helps you accomplish more. We’re dedicated to understanding your strategic objectives and helping you achieve them like they’re our own. 

Integrating seamlessly with your team, our experts are committed to elevating you at every step. This dynamic approach means that you get the attention and support to stay one step ahead. 

By reducing the burden on your internal team, you can truly focus on what matters most to your business.

In-depth monitoring and visibility

CloudTeam proactively identifies, prioritises and alerts you on issues or recommendations for your AWS platform.
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Infra Monitoring & Alerts

Infra-monitoring and alerts

Collect and analyse data for traditional server and storage environments – as well as cloud native container, microservice and API-driven architectures.
Security Alerts

Security alerts

Undertake real-time AWS Security Assessments and anti-malware scanning.
Compliance Alerts

Compliance alerts

Oversee continuous compliance for the most critical regulated workloads – with over 500 rules to help ensure best practice.
Cost & Capacity Alerts

Cost and capacity alerts

Manage cost and capacity levels proactively to safeguard your cloud spend.

Prompt operational excellence

CloudTeam experts look after your AWS platform, allowing you to deliver world-class applications and services.
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Infra Maintenance

Incident management

Troubleshoot and restore your services – where our monitoring team (or your team) has identified an AWS technology issue.


Proactively update and patch your AWS infrastructure to minimise disruption and mitigate technology-related risks.
Incident Management


Leverage our DevOps expertise to support automation development on your AWS platform – from development pipelines to scaling.
Developer Support

Developer support

Work closely with your development team to architect cost-effective, highly scalable and resilient workloads.

Evolve to cloud native

CloudTeam accelerates you into the cloud, enabling you to deliver the projects your business needs to thrive.
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Cloud Foundation

Cloud foundation

Unlock cloud benefits and allow your application to leverage ‘cloud native’ capabilities, such as auto-scaling.


Help you select and deliver the most appropriate migration approach, using tried and tested processes to future-proof your business on AWS.


Move to a robust, scalable, highly available, secure and low-cost container platform.
App Modernization

App Modernisation

Deliver your applications with no servers – providing lower costs, rapid deployment and agility.

Look to the future

CloudTeam helps you plan for tomorrow, so you’re ready to maximise every opportunity.
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Business Case

Business case

Help build winning business cases with our ongoing reporting. Utilise our insights and access meaningful data to turn knowledge into action.
Cloud Strategy

Cloud strategy

Provide ongoing guidance, specialist AWS knowledge and technical talent – all when you need it.
Cloud Architecture

Cloud architecture

Apply next-generation technology to architect your cloud environment to succeed.
Proof of Concepts

Proof of Concepts

Simplify your challenges and solutions. We work with you to develop robust proof of concepts to guide your next initiative.

Our Model

Experience you can trust, available when you need it.

We’re your team of cloud engineers, architects and service delivery experts. 
Committed to your success, CloudTeam ensures that you’re always equipped to operate, compete and scale at unprecedented speeds. You can rely on us to provide ongoing best practice guidance, specialist AWS knowledge and skilled technical talent at your fingertips:

500+ successful projects  |   150+ certifications   |   Multi-award-winning team

Enabling your cloud journey

Every business needs different support, but seamless communication and internal transparency are always essential.  With CloudTeam, you receive proactive guidance and recommendations for ongoing improvement across people and technology.

Operations focused

We act as a pod within your business – ensuring that you stay secure and compliant, while optimising costs and technical resources. Our unique ‘time slice’ model gives you the flexibility to power your business into the future.

Migration & modernisation focused

We specialise in working with clients who don’t have the depth of knowledge or capacity internally. As an extension of your team, we guide you through each step of the AWS migration and app modernisation process.

Delivery focused

We take care of the entire end-to-end engagement, from incident management to overall project delivery. Have confidence in meeting service level targets – with our Service Delivery Team acting as your voice.

Long-term focused

We offer the right level of strategic and proactive partnership to ensure that you’re meeting your goals in the cloud. Our ‘one step ahead’ thinking and comprehensive services playbooks will accelerate and de-risk your end-to-end cloud engagement.

Success stories with industry leaders

Part of our team Itoc has been a key contributor to our success over the years. Their insights, capabilities and responsiveness have been consistently reliable. CloudTeam will further help by operating as part of our team, scaling up or down as our business requires.

Abhishek Gupta | JudoBank Head of Cloud, Data & Shared Technology

A true strategic partnership Having a partner like Itoc, who understands the demands of our business and offers us a scalable and proactive approach to achieve our strategic initiatives, is a welcome change in today’s market.

Alex Twigg | Appeggio Executive Chair & Co-Founder

Ready to meet your new team?

If you’re missing the cloud strategy you need to develop your service or don’t have the resources to deliver a service that matches your business goals, Itoc can help. We’ve delivered hundreds of successful projects and our capabilities are best-in-class. CloudTeam can offer all the ingredients your business needs to succeed in the cloud.

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